Chef Angela Runyan

Chef Angela Runyan was classically trained at Western Culinary Institute – Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, Oregon.

After graduating, Chef Angela spent 15 years working in some of Portland’s finest restaurants, hotels, and catering companies. She recently relocated to Savannah, Tennessee and has a passion for creating innovative comfort foods with high-quality sustainable, fresh, local ingredients while also having a soft spot for the classics.

When she’s not in the kitchen, you’ll probably find her watching a Trailblazers game (we know, she should be watching the Grizzlies. She’s a transplant, what can you do?), chowing on some Italian food, tacos, popcorn, ice cream or chocolate!

The art of cooking has had a hold on Chef Angela since she was a child, watching her mother try out new recipes and put together cookbooks from copious magazine clippings. She also loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines. The top of her bucket list is eating and drinking her way through Italy!

“We are so excited and humbled to have found Chef Angela Runyan as we were preparing to open this new restaurant that is so near and dear to our hearts,” said Don Wolfe, Co-Owner of Wolfe’s Café & Market. We have enjoyed working with Chef Angela to recreate the beloved recipes and similar types of food that our family served for so many years at the original Wolfe Café. We are really looking forward to the custom seasonal menus that Chef Angela will be offering on Sundays to keep things exciting.”

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